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April 11
The Patterson Paper - School Advancement point 1
Savior Jesus, your filled tomb for three days fills me with the peace that I am reconciled to God by your death for me. And your empty tomb empties me of the fear of death. Accept my praise for the good news of comfort and joy that your tomb proclaims to me about your death and resurrection. Hallelujah! (prayer taken from page 37 “Devotions on God’s Word – Jesus’ Death & Resurrection;” copied by permission from the Commission on Evangelism)
The Patterson paper – the series part 15
Last week we shared Rev. Don Patterson’s views on the need to provide the best possible extra-curricular activities. This week we bring you the first point under the section School Advancement: We need to constantly show our own members why we have a Christian School. Consider sharing the series, “What Practical Experience Teaches Us About Lutheran Schools” at your faculty and school board meetings. 
NSLC 2012 – special features
The National School Leadership Conference, June 25-28, will offer some special features this year. There are seven sectionals throughout the conference geared for early childhood ministry. A strand for urban education is featured on Wednesday as well as three Bible studies that will focus on the conference daily themes of Leading, Growing, and Refreshing. You will also be able to order a conference polo shirt for just $25.00.
For more details on these exciting features visit the conference Web site and look under the heading "New Features for 2012." Early registration discounts expire May 15.
Chronicles of Grace
Last week we shared a Chronicle of Grace from the early childhood ministry at Beautiful Savior in Clarksville, Tenn. Read this week's Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wis. in which doors have been opened, the gospel has been shared, and God’s grace has been revealed. 
MLC Master’s news
Watch for recent MS Ed graduate Kurt Rosenbaum to appear in your mailbox; not literally of course. All teachers in the WELS will receive a postcard. This is part of a series of mailings to help our teachers understand how the master’s program is unique - specially designed to serve WELS teachers and support their ministry. Kurt serves as principal of Arizona Lutheran High School in Phoenix. Read what Kurt has to say.
With your master’s degree comes a responsibility to share. You have become a leader among your fellow teachers. Inform the office of graduate studies when you speak at a conference, serve as a consultant, are appointed to a leadership position (conference program committee or officer), or have something published. Look for opportunities to use what you have learned in service to others and so create a ripple effect in our WELS schools.
Good news story
When schools nation-wide are cutting budgets along with staff members due to enrollment declines, here is a good news item about an enrollment boom at St. Paul’s in Norfolk, Neb., that was front page news about two weeks ago. “It’s all God, working through people. And there are certain people that have come to us — we in no way have searched them out, they’ve just been brought to us,” says school principal, Seth Fitzsimmons. Read the full story
TADS & WELS Schools
TADS is a provider of fully integrated tuition management, enrollment and admissions, and financial aid assessment with administrative support services that can accommodate custom designs for a school’s individual needs. Tested And Designed by Schools all over the country, TADS stands ready to serve WELS.
CLS is pleased to introduce TADS as a resource partner to promote efficient family information services to schools and families. To kick off the partnership, TADS wishes to offer a unique opportunity to put good ole’ Wisconsin cheese in your teacher’s lounge. From now until June 1, sign up for a 30 minute TADS webinar, and a special Wisconsin cheese treat will be delivered to your school.  By attending the webinar, you will learn more about how TADS processes serve thousands of families and their schools.
Call Harv Linse today to arrange for an informational TADS webinar at 920-723-2372.  TADS for CHEESE until June 1!
Ideas for teaching students about the Titanic disaster
The writers of this blog offer ideas for teaching students about the Titanic disaster, which took place on April 15, 1912. Activities such as writing and reading fictionalized monologues from eyewitnesses or comparing journalistic coverage of the event with that of modern disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, are designed to help students make a connection to the story.
Promote Your School
Refreshed school promotional materials are now available. Check it out.  

May the blessing of the eternal God be upon us; his light to guide us, his presence to shelter us, his peace to unite us.

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