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Sunday School


More Ideas for Promoting Sunday School

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Display Ideas

*Designate a bulletin board for promoting Sunday school to the congregation. Place it in a traffic area for all to see.
*String a clothesline across a wall or overhead in a hallway. Display the children's lesson, crafts, and artwork. Each Sunday ask a different class to be responsible.
*Each quarter, one classroom can make a simple banner of praise to hang in a hallway or fellowship hall.
*"Learning God's Word at Sunday School." Take snapshots of each child holding a Bible. On an entry way wall or bulletin board to church or Sunday school, group the snapshots of each classroom with their teacher. Label the class levels and write the children's names under their pictures.
*"Follow me to Sunday School" Have the children trace around their shoes on different colors of construction paper. Cut them out and write their first and last names on their pair of feet. At eye level, ankle level, or near the ceiling, tape the footprints to the wall in a line as if walking to Sunday school. Put a title with it.

Involving Others

*In each Sunday's bulleting, list the Sunday school lesson that day so that everyone knows what the children of the congregation are learning.
*Have the adults study and discuss the same Bible story that the children are learning in Sunday school.
*Set aside special days to invite grandparents, parents, adult friends, unchurched friends, or other relatives.
*Ask other adults to tell about an application connected with the lesson: what it was like before knowing Jesus, how God worked a miracle in their life, being a member of a mission congregation, the joy of sharing your faith, tell about their adult baptism or their child's baptism, etc.
*On one Sunday each quarter have an "Ask Me" Sunday. The children all wear homemade badges that say "Ask me what I learned in Sunday School today." *Prepare the children to give answers that center around the spiritual truth of the lesson.

Serving Others

*Sunday school students can make religious bookmarks for pew Bibles, church hymnals, nursing home residents (and deliver them as a class during the week), give to new members, confirmands, or a pastor can take them to the sick and shut-ins.
*Bring food items for a local food pantry or needy families.
*Select a Sunday school evangelism weekend. The children and parents can distribute informational door hangers throughout the neighbor hood. Encourage children to invite unchurched friends to attend Sunday school with them. In addition, the classes can sing or give a group recitation in church that Sunday.
Write to missionaries. This can be a year-round project.
*Host a school/church "work-a-thon," contributing to maintenance and clean up, sing to shut-ins or at a nursing home, help with mailings, make cards for hospital patients, prisoners, or nursing homes.


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